Why I fell in love with photography...

One of the reasons I first fell in love with photography was because I loved the way natural light made spaces look. I loved being able to recreate that in any space, and the challenges it presented. I love when even today, years later, the light hits a space just right - when there's just the right amount of sun, and in just the right places. Almost nothing can replace it! 

Design by Grace Hill Design. 


Mudroom goals!

Add this to things I hope to have in my lifetime... A mudroom like this! Love the flow of this mudroom, and how much space and storage there is, and of course the gold with the grey, and the light fixture! I could go on and on...

Design by Molly Howe. 


A calming master suite.

Absolutely in love with this master suite by Alethea Sadowski. And of course the two adorable dogs, who were more than happy to be a part of the photo shoot.. :)


Better late than never.

Those of you who know me or follow my instagram know - I recently got married (well, in November). While a big and glamorous wedding was not for me, a small and meaningful wedding was my dream. I never understood why people cried at their weddings, or how much I would treasure all of these moments until now. Though I've never been one to share things that are truly meaningful to me, part of my goal this year was to be more open about the things that matter most to me.