My name is Alyssa Lee, and I am a Minnesota based architectural photographer. I love everything about light - from watching the way the natural light fills rooms and leaves sun streaks on the floor to being able to replicate that look even on a rainy day! I believe my photos should tell a story about the space. I strive to make people want to be in that room or space. I believe my love for architectural photography comes largely from my time spent helping build these homes with Welch Forsman Associates. Having worked with the people who create these spaces, I appreciate the details from the very first stages of design to the finishing touches.

I love lattes, adult mac and cheese, traveling, my family, my partner in life (see right), and my two giant dogs. For pictures of the dogs, people, and places I love, please view my personal gallery.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

email: alyssa@alyssaleephotography.com

phone: 612-239-8833


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  Rhys Logan