A Little about me..

Hi! My name is Alyssa Lee, and I am a Minnesota based architectural photographer. Simply put? Light fascinates me. There’s almost nothing in life that makes me happier than seeing sunlight streaming into a room, except maybe my two giant furballs. I have always loved lighting, and how it changes a photo completely. It can take a photo from mediocre to extraordinary; from documentary to inspirational. I love utilizing shadows and textures to add depth to my photos. To help you experience the space fully, digitally. I love the unique challenge each space presents, and working together to figure out how to best show the space, both in terms of composition and lighting. 

Meet my husband, Nick. The man behind the drone, behind the video camera. The spreadsheet guy; my better half. While I love the creative half, he lives for the technical side of things.


I would love to hear from you!

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